Welcome to Woolly Mammoth Childcare & Preschool in Berkeley, California

three kids on a bench Woolly Mammoth Childcare & Preschool is a full-year, full-time childcare center providing care to children one to five years of age from 8 a.m to 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. We provide high quality care for children in a loving and stimulating environment. Each child receives caring, individualized attention, which is based on sound developmental theory, from carefully selected and trained staff. We realize the important role a teacher plays in a young child's life and we make every effort to attract and retain highly qualified teachers.

Founded in 1987, Woolly Mammoth Childcare & Preschool is owned by Emilia O'Toole and Mayra Dana, the school's directors. Both are trained and experienced childcare practitioners who are committed to each child's well Preschooler at Woolly Mammoth Childcare and Preschool in Berkeley being in the program.

The Woolly Mammoth curriculum is based on the works of Jean Piaget and Erik Erikson and utilizes the High/Scope Cognitively Oriented Curriculum framework.

Our program focuses on the development of the WHOLE CHILD: Cognitive, physical, social, and emotional. Our program helps children develop problem solving skills, become critical observers of their environment and active agents in their own education. We believe that children should be cared for in a home-like fashion, with lots of love, caring, and nurturing.

Woolly Mammoth Childcare & Preschool serves all children from one through five years of age regardless of race, nationality, or religious creed. We are committed to diversity.

Our new daycare facility is now open at 1333 University Avenue in Berkeley! Woolly Mammoth Classroom

We are very excited about our wonderful new facility with spacious classrooms, comfortable naptime accomodations, and fun playground. We planned every detail for the optimum teaching and learning environment, and we are proud to invite you to visit. For a tour, email us at woollymammoth@att.net or call (510) 548-4779.