Our Childcare Philosophy

Kids playing soccer at Woolly Mammoth Childcare & Pre-SchoolWoolly Mammoth Childcare & Preschool provides a climate for growth where children are encouraged and helped to understand their world through the full use of their senses, feelings and intellects.

Each child is unique in his/her intellect emotions, skills and interests. No matter how similar the background or endowment of a group of children, as individuals they differ greatly. Therefore, for education experiences to be truly relevant, they must be adapted to the needs of each individual child. It is our role as educators to assess just where a child is and provide a broad spectrum of learning experiences geared to challenge the child’s mind and body, and cultivate each child's curiosity and awareness of the world.

Play is vital to a child's learning. It is the medium for self-expression and the way each child organizes and makes sense of the world. To play is to invent, to hypothesize, to test and discover. It provides the most permanent and growth producing learning of cognitive concepts. Play functions to promote social values as well. Developing social sensitivity is a slow arduous process that involves learning to understand how to share. Through play, children learn to initiate and sustain relationships with each other

We provide a nurturing environment and daily routine designed to meet the needs of each child, which focuses on positive reinforcement rather than negative words and punishments. We approach discipline with gentle guidance, redirection and help with problem solving.