Our Curriculum

child playing with blocks at Woolly Mammoth Childcare & Pre-SchoolChildren learn best through sensory experiences of feeling, listening, smelling, tasting, and observing. Children also need and expect certain guidelines, rules, and routines in order to feel safe and secure. It is our task as educators to provide a wealth of materials and experiences as well as the protective controls that each child needs for optimal learning.

The activities at Woolly Mammoth Childcare & Pre-School are carefully planned to help the child develop the following skills and abilities:

Decision Making and Prioritizing: Children learn to make decisions about how to plan and spend time.

Self Discipline: Children identify personal goals and utilize self-discipline to pursue and complete self-chosen tasks.

child at Woolly Mammoth Childcare & Pre-School learning to writeTeamwork: Children work with other children and adults on projects resulting in group planning, cooperative effort, and shared leadership.

Applied Reasoning: Children apply reasoning capacity gained through a wide range of naturally occuring situations and a variety of materials.

Problem Solving: Manipulative gamepuzzles and other learning tasks help children learn to classify label, and distinguish cause and effect.

Self-expression: Children learn to express their needs and experiences, verbally and graphically.

Empathy: Children learn to comprehend the feelings and experiences of others by listening and sharing. They gain a respect for and openness to the viewpoints and cultures of others.
The program fosters the child's creativity, imagination, and self-expression through dramatic play, puppetry, art, music and movement. The emphasis is always on creativity, not imitation.

Learning through Adventure: Woolly Mammoth offers a field trip every month. Parent participation is needed on field trips.